The quality of a nation can be seen by how the management its government especially its prime sectors work out. The priority sectors are economic, social, education, politic and law. Nowadays in Indonesia, the goal of each sector have not come to the nation’s expectation yet. To achieve these aims, the cooperation of all parties, from governments and the public is needed to carry on.
Indonesian economy goals based on economic democracy with the principles of togetherness, efficiency of justice, sustainability, environmental friendliness, independence and by keeping the progress and the unity of national economic balance as well which is listed in the constitution of 1945 section 33. Indonesia economy problems occurred in agriculture, industry, tourism, transportation, and national income. Agriculture still become the superiority of Indonesian economy. Speaking of the issue, it is definitely inseparable from the issue of rice have been fulfilled. Therefore the government shall focus on these things with certain steps. Industry scope is very broad, since on the one hand, the emphasis is improving the quality of goods product which internationally competitive, but it can minimize the capital well. On the other hand, tourism is one of the important Indonesian economy sector. Indonesia has unbreakable resources compared to other country, this will attract the domestic and foreign tourists. Even so a few things need to be improved, such as infrastructure, information technology, security, cleanliness, pureness, human resources. Inadequate infrastructure makes the beauty of flora and fauna, the characteristic of Indonesia difficult to be access by tourists. The facilities which need attention include roads, transportation, bridges, hotels and others. Not only the role of government, but the role of citizens and tourists are link one another to support tourism spot. So the government should firmly against all kinds of destruction and desecration of the tourism area. The fluency of Economic activity is supported by the fluency of transportation. The traffic jam which happen recently can be overcome when the residents prefer the public transportations to private vehicles. Yet, it is difficult to realize because by using private vehicles is more comfortable. The government should concern about the public transportation which in this case, is fast, safe, inexpensive and accessible. while the national income will increase if economy growth does increase too. Economic growth of a nation is seen from the success of the state in agriculture, industry, tourism, and transportation aspects.
In education sector, Indonesia have to concern about scientist, scholar, scholarship, research, character, and infrastructure. Lack attention of the Indonesia government to scientists made them feel more enjoy in other country. Whereas, they could be the spirit of movement of the nation. The scientists are going to get the feeling of pleasure if the government increase their salary, research, or science and technology supporting system. Also, many scholar in Indonesia work unsuitable to their qualification. This may reduce the formation of character to enrich self capabilities and surveillance to the nepotism in case of education and employment. Besides, education is expected to be able to embed that the orientation of science is not only occupation as civil servants, but devoted self to the nation through science benefits. Many people think that civil servants is an imperative status to be achieved in society. Also, even distribution of infrastructure in peripheral area may not miss from government attention. We can find In Puncak Jaya, Papua, that the government still do the development of the country insignificantly. There, we can find there are many school have only straw as their roofs. High rate of dropout student is also another issue of the Indonesian education which ought to get government’s attention. Nine-year compulsory education program was just an significant policy. The rate of school dropout which is very high was caused by multi-factors. One of the most dominant factor is economy factor. Another factor is that in fact, these are many families which consider that education for their children has become something significant. Meanwhile free charge education as government program have not well applied. Due to this, government should sincerely realize the free charge nine-year compulsory education because of education has become a nation development predominant foundation.
When we talk about country’s social sector it can not far away from two liaisons. They are liaison between citizen and liaison between government and citizen. It seem that the harmony of those relationship does not totally achieved yet. The religion conflict, religion sociable in Sampang, in instance, even the appearance of groups which may threat the nation sovereignty has become an anharmonicity portrait of social interaction. Actually, every religion teach reconcilement. These issues must be managed well by the public and local governments in an effort to reduce the conflict. Of course with prudent attitude to cope until the root of the problem.
Most of people argued that Indonesian law such incisive to the bottom and blunt  to the top. Meanwhile my argumentation about it is that the law is quite general. In fact, many different cases got similar punishment. Let say a thieve who stole a car. Both criminals striken with similar punishments. Due to this, the law must be specified in detail. Besides the issue of sanctions, there must be the judges's capability improvisation, especially about the firmness.It is tended to finish the process of law faster than it used to take. Just like in a football match. When the referee led the match unfairly, the players might lead to some protests.
The last sector is politics. The most serious problem which  cause the citizen's anger is the magnitude of corruption cases.  People can not totally trust to what happen inside politics. People start to feel saturation of getting the corruption news which come endlessly. Almost all parties got their member did a corrupt the country's money. Now people can only expect to Anti-corruption commission to be an institution which is able to handle it transparantly and eradicate it  thoroughly.

Economic, social, education, politic and law are closely related. Extraordinary potential of natural resources that are not owned by any other nation in the world, such as soil fertility, natural exoticism, plant variety and richness of its mines. Natural resources must balance with the quality of human resources also management systems, including facilities and supporting infrastructure. The quality of human resources can be created by education. Good system will be realized from the right policy. If all of those can be achived. Indonesia will be the developed country and even more will be able to dominate the world.